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Meditation and Mindfulness videos

meditation to sleep

Here is a meditation to sleep well and fast, where you will be led into a breathing practice to calm the mind, followed by a self-hypnosis exercise that will guide you into a state of allowing for a deep and restorative night's sleep.

Family Constellation Meditation

The purpose of this online family constellation meditation is to generate healing, reconnecting us with the life force that was gifted to us by our ancestors and freeing us from unhealthy dynamics, equally inherited, but which no longer serve us. The frequent practice of this meditation will help you in energy cleaning and mental reprogramming for an existence with more presence, joy, lightness and strength for your life!

Morning Meditation - Miracle Morning 

In this Morning Meditation, start the day on the right foot, perform some activities for a productive morning such as breathing, meditation and visualization, recommended in the book "O Milagre da Manhã", your Mindfulness moment!

Simple and Easy Meditation for Beginners

If you have trouble meditating, this could be a great start! This simple and easy meditation for beginners will help you get to a more present, centered and calm state in just 7 minutes of your day! The text was prepared by Robert Dilts, one of the most prominent names in neurolinguistic reprogramming. 

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